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The Art of Taking L's



Here's the thing, we’re all going to go through failure, adversity and some of life's toughest moments. The question isn’t IF you’ll go through. The question is HOW you’ll go through.


  • Will you allow this moment to make you or break you?

  • Will this circumstance make you bitter or make you better?

The Art of Taking L’s is your bounce back manual. This book includes biblical and practical principles to help you effectively navigate through life and career changes.


More importantly, the book shows its readers how to embrace adversity instead of running! You need this in your life!

Chanelle's witty humor and fun personality shines throughout the book. This book also contains 11 "L Stories" from some amazing co-authors. Their stories show that in spite of life's worst circumstances, you can still overcome.

_It has been an amazing journey with Van

The Success Playbook


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The Success Playbook is the "Go-Getter's Bible!" This is a must-read for anyone who is striving to succeed! Personal growth expert & diversity advocate, Chanelle S. Reynolds, educates her audience on some of the secrets to success.
Drawing on her own story as a Black woman working in the sports industry, Chanelle shares with readers what she believes contributed to her trailblazing career path.  

In the “Success Playbook”, the NFL executive & NBA alumni takes readers through the basic principles, including:
1) Understanding Your Power
2) Being intentional
3) The Art of Taking L’s
4) Unleashing your beast mode