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3 Habits to Break Before the New Year

The year is winding down so that means many of us are starting to evaluate the past 12 months. We begin to analyze the successes, the losses, the gains and everything in between. After assessing the year, we all vow to make changes in hopes of having a better year than the last. New Year resolutions are great for goal setting however, every professional should take time to break these three unhealthy habits before 2018:

  1. Unnecessary spending

Everyone can admit that they should be a little better at saving their money. There is always room for improvement when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

The first step to enhancing monetary responsibility in the new year is to cut unnecessary spending. Instead, set aside money a little at a time and budget to splurge. It sounds like an oxymoron however, budgeting to indulge is a widespread practice among millennials.

2. Oversleeping

Highly effective people wake up with a purpose. They understand that each day is a gift and each moment is an opportunity for them to impact the world and their respective communities. Hitting the snooze button repeatedly not only will cause you to be late to work, but will delay your opportunity to change the world in your own distinct way.

Highly effective leaders nurture their bodies and minds before starting the day. Wake up a few minutes early to exercise, read, write or meditate. Engaging in these types of practices will enhance your ability to perform at a prominent level throughout the day.

3. Poor Time Management

Time management is the for the go-getter. It’s for the individual that doesn’t allow life to “happen to them”, but they take control of life. Business professionals who manage their time properly understand that time management is the opportunity to be in the driver seat in a world that may throw you twists, turns and send you on a few detours. It increases effectiveness, productivity and allows you to hold yourself accountable to what you planned to accomplish for the day.

Take a few extra minutes in the evening to manage your time by creating a priority list for the next day.

Start the year off right by eliminating unpleasant habits that may hinder you from your personal and professional growth in 2018!

Chanelle S. Reynolds, MBA

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