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Bruh...Why do You Keep Failing?!

With a NY Times Bestseller in the works (speaking this into existence), I figured now would be a good time to address failure. Once you read "The Success Playbook", you'll understand that I honestly have a love-hate relationship with failure. However, I want to introduce a thought provoking concept to you.

One of my favorite authors, Napoleon Hill, had the perfect understanding of why one may fail. He believed that the number one reason why people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family & neighbors.

Now think about that. You could be failing over people that:

1) don't put money in your pocket

2) have no impact on your career and

3) have the most to say, but will most likely support the least

My advice to you is to kill the noise! Respect their opinions, but do what you feel is best for you! Don't allow them to make you feel bad for taking that entry level position, don't let them make you feel bad for promoting your business and don't let them talk you out of starting that business.

Do you!

Don't forget to purchase the Success Playbook available for pre-order now!

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